"More people share their homes in Paris than anywhere else in the world and this new process will ensure Paris receives more revenue from our community"

 June is the month, which open summer season, we all have been waiting for. It is the best time to go for a holiday, as the weather is warm, but not as its hottest.  Also, June is a month full of colourful and exciting events around the world. There is no better way for a traveller to understand a country, than taking part in a traditional event.  Exploring this way allows you to see the culture, traditions, music, and behaviour. 

Here are some suggestions of what to do in June. 


Where: Peru
When: 24th June 

Would you like to take an advantage and go for a trip of your life? This is the best time in the year to head to Peru, see Machu Picchu and witness the festival of sun (Inti Raymi).  On the 24th of June, the sun is at its farthest point away from the Earth. Local people celebrate and dance to the god of sun- Inti. This is an amazing opportunity to not only celebrate with locals, but also get to know  their culture and traditions.


Where: Mexico
When: June

   In Mexico you can experience the life of nature everywhere you go. June is an opening season for the sea turtles in Yucatan. Swimming with these wild animals will be an adventure, you will never forget. Choose Riviera Maya, especially Tulum or Cozumel. Be advised - June is one of the hottest month in Mexico, but it is less busy.


Where: Xinjiang Province, China
When: June 


June is the best time to see the breathtaking, lavender landscape in Yili, Xinjiang. This purple valley is a dream come true for all of those, who wants to explore marvellous natural scenery. The bright, purple fields of lavender are perfect for a dream walk. Xinjiang Province is considered as one of three main planting areas for Lavender across the world. During The Huocheng Lavender Festival, you will be able to not only see the lavender gardens, but also get to know more about lavender itself. 


Where: La Rioja, Spain 
When: 29th June 

    Any wine lovers here? There is an opportunity to be part of truly local Spanish fiesta. Battala Dos Vinos is a famous festival of wine, which takes place in the capital of Northern Spain - Rioja. Instead of tasting, the wine will be splashed all over you. Thousands of people come on the streets with water pistols, loaded with wine. The wine fight is accompanied by traditional dancers. For sure it is one of the biggest festivals in North Spain, so if you're there don't missed it out! 


Where: NYC, United States
When: 26th - 28th June 

  Times Square will be transformed into a foodies wonderland. The "Taste of Asia" food festival is set in New York City on the last weekend of June. If you are in NYC, or your travel decisions revolve around your appetite you've got to visit this festival and have a taste of Asia. The festival will last from 26th until 28th of June. 

 find out more on: https://tasteasia.org/home/taste-asia-2015/

Love Without Locks. 

Each year couples visit Paris - The Capital of Love, from all over the world. As a symbol of their feelings, lovebirds chain 'love locks' against the Pont des Arts, to represent their undying passion.

This romantic act, became a tradition for relationships near and far. Unfortunately it was only recently that this became such a big problem. More than one million locks weighing 45 tonnes put the Pont de Arts in danger. The bridge collapsed under the weight of 'love' last year, and government officials predict it will happen 

The message for tourists is clear: "we don't want any love locks, which are a destructive trend".
Over the summer, Paris launched a campaign called, "Our Bridges Can No Longer Withstand Your Gestures of Love."  The campaign encouraged visitors to post a selfie with the hashtag #LoveWithoutLocks instead of attaching metal locks to the bridge.

Another solution is to be manufactured by Paris, as this has now become part of the city, which tourists around the world enjoy. Sentimental value is attached to the love locks, which are to be forever attached. As a token of forever-lasting stories, this lock represents just that. 

Think of your bucket list, a big list of things to do before you die. Some are dreams of what you want to do and some just have to be done! When going on holiday, I create a mini bucket list of things to do while I’m there. While visiting mexico, I knew that my number one spot was filled for visiting Chichen Itza!

Fantastic, wild parties on the most incredible beaches of Mexico; scuba diving in crystal clear waters; parachuting, snorkelling, swimming, driving, running, sunbathing...  there is nothing  you can't do in Mexico!  However, there are some things,  you should never go for! 

I often get asked why I never go on all-inclusive holiday’s. The answer is simple:  I want to be independent and organise my holiday how I like it. From buying a flight ticket to planning what and where I want to eat today.  The benefits of a self-organised holiday are enormous, but its important to spend time browsing before booking anything costly.

Cancun - 14 miles of white beaches, crystal clear Caribbean waters and perfect margaritas!  This tropical paradise is a fantastic holiday destination. The number of international tourist exceeded 19.3 million in 2014! Its not a surprise consider how much Cancun has to offer!

If you are planning to visit Cancun, you should continue the reading and make the most of my advices!

Just one week in Mexico turned me into a foodie! Believe me, when you taste some Mexican food you feel like you are in Heaven.

Restaurant & Bar - Adelita is a must whilst you are in Tulum. This place just buzzes with joy, while keeping things cool and relaxed.

Hola amigos,

Get your sombrero ready, because we are about to talk about Mexico!

First impressions, unfortunately not good.  From being swamped by commission-obsessed salesmen to being rushed in to an unknown taxi, we didn’t exactly feel safe.

Nevertheless we arrived our apartment safely.  Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a spacious living room, all in the heart of Cancun. This is exactly what we needed! 

Pamiętam jak dziś, kiedy to na małym lotnisku w Krakowie, mama dawała mi ostatnie rady. Tata całował w czoło, a siostra ściskała mnie tak mocno, jakby już nigdy miała mnie nie zobaczyć. Serce drżało mi z emocji: Po pierwsze nie lubię latać, a po drugie bilet,który mocno trzymałam w ręku był biletem w jedna stronę... 

Czy przypuszczałbyś, że Barbados potocznie nazywany jest "Mała Anglia"? Ja też nie. Przecież to zupełnie inny świat, o którym nawet nie uczyliśmy się w szkole.  A nawet jeśli, to wiadomości przekazane przez nauczyciela były tylko i wyłacznie wiedza z podręcznika. Przecież, aby opowiadać o podróżach, trzeba  najpierw ich doświadczyć... Tak naprawdę dopiero tam, zyskuje się największa wiedzę i uświadamia sobie jak bardzo 'brytyjski' jest Barbados.

I finally “discovered" this wonderful Caribbean island in March this year. This was my first encounter with the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and Barbados ...
Despite the fact that I spent only a week there I loved this place with all my heart!

If you love beautiful weather, sandy beaches, palm trees and Reggae music? Believe me, your first choice should be the unmissable Barbados.

Do you want to answer "Yes" in a unique and unforgettable place? Can you picture all of the memories from the proposal to the honeymoon? If so, pack this: Passport, Bikini, Wedding Dress and flights to Mauritius!

I must admit that I tend not to laze around during my holiday. I love to explore new places and learn about different cultures. I had to visit Port Louis (The exciting and modern capital city) This will be an amazing experience, or so I thought…

After a twelve-hour flight, the only thing I wished for was a cold shower and a comfortable bed. My excitement and curiosity won but with fatigue - I swapped my comfortable trainers into sandals and literally ran to the beach.

What I saw exceeded my wildest expectations. The blue colour of the Indian Ocean rejoiced my eyes, and the sand that is as soft as flour caressed my feet. Everyone has their own idea of paradise, with the warm and gentle wind breezing through my hair. I think I have found mine.